Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Universal Design for Learning -UDL Online Module

One of my projects as the Director of the Florida Consortium was to coordinate the development of an online module providing a "user-friendly" universal design resource for postsecondary faculty.
Universal Design for Learning for Postsecondary Education (UDL) is an online module developed using UDL principles to teach postsecondary educators the concepts, strategies, and benefits of UDL.

I was lucky to work with a fantastic writer and IT program designer!  The three of us created an easy to follow module that has been well-received and is being used across the United States!  Although this module was specifically developed to be effective for ALL students (i.e. universal), we added multiple suggestions and resources specific to support students with disabilities. Once you open the link, you will be asked a few simple demographic questions to get in!  You will not need a password, and each time you log back in, it will return you to the exact spot you left off!  Each page is an active link, so if you go to the website http://www.flconsortiumudl.net/ and click on the site index, you can go to any page you want!  The module is divided into 6 sections:Course Overview, Introduction to UDL, Network-Based Goals, Methods, Materials, and Assessing Students.  Sections and concepts are colored-coded, and the entire module uses a UDL approach to teaching UDL concepts.  The following picture is an overview of some of the selected feature of the UDL module!  Feel free to explore this wonderful resource!

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