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SQ4R Reading Improvement Method

SQ4R Reading Improvement Method

Have you ever heard of SQ4R? This is reading technique that will strengthen your ability to remember what you read!

• S = Survey the material

You need to begin your chapter with a brief survey of the contents. Look at the bold print, read the headings, check out the pictures and captions. You should then move through the chapter one page at a time until you get to the end of the chapter with the summary, review questions, and list of terminology found in most text books. Take a moment to look over those parts of the chapter. Read the summary, check out the questions and ask yourself if you know any of the answers already, and make a note by any terms you might already know.

• Q= Question

Go back through the text and begin to ask yourself some questions about the material. Use the standard - who, what, when, where, why - questions as you are surveying the text. You don't need to answer the questions yet, just keep a list handy to use as a reference while you are reading.

• R= Read

This is the time you actually begin to read the text of the chapter. You should always read with a pen in your hand, but keep a highlighter close by. Be careful not to highlight too excessively or you will just end up with pretty stripes of color. Making side notes on your page is much more effective than a long colorful stripe of yellow or pink.

• R= Recite

Studying aloud is the most effective way to learn the material. At this stage of the reading process, you should be reciting information aloud to yourself as you read the text. Hearing the words aloud reinforces the information into the auditory cognition center of the brain, so you are actually putting in the information in both a visual and auditory manner at the same time.

• R= Review

At this time, you need to consider how you are going to review the material you just read. Perhaps you can look at the side notes in the text. Review any notes you made on paper as well. Look at the questions and terms at this time and figure out which information you still need to learn more completely.

• R= Reflect

Some reading techniques also suggest you reflect back on what you just read. This is a final chance to determine what information you are still unsure about in the text and which questions you should ask your instructor.

Practicing these steps will take you closer to becoming a good reader!

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