Friday, November 26, 2010

Thoughts About Preparing for Exams

Before the Test

When do you work best? Are you a morning person, midday person, or a night person?  Don’t save studying for morning if you do not do well at that part of the day.

Don’t plan to stay up late if you are easily pulled away by others and know that you won’t stay committed.

If you have any questions regarding content of the test, ask the professor beforehand. 

Study with friends, but also plan some alone time as well.

Organize your materials and plot out a studying time line.

Study with a pen in your hand so you can make notations and reminders as needed.

TEACH yourself aloud.

At the Test

Get to the test on time with all necessary supplies.

Do not chat with the door people.  These are the ones who are failing or have taken the class before.  They will undermine all the hard work you did getting ready for the test.

Have a brief study guide to review casually.  DO NOT decide to memorize something new at this time


Write out a data dump on the test itself or a scrap paper (write down pertinent information that you do not want to forget) before you begin to answer questions. (explain to the instructor that you plan to do a data dump after the tests are passed out, and seek permission so that you do not get accused of cheating)

Preview the whole test before you begin to work.

Do a second data dump of info triggered by your test preview.
Begin with the easiest questions first.

After the Test

Analyze your mistakes to see where you went wrong.

Meet with teacher when you cannot understand why the answer was wrong.

Figure out what type of error you made.*

1.  Misreading directions errors

2.  Careless errors

3.  Concept errors

4. Application errors

5. Test-taking errors

6. Study errors

*SOURCE: Academic Success Press,Inc. Light Years Ahead in Learning, P.O. Box 2567 Dept. N., Pompano Beach, FL 33072 (305) 785-2034

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