Sunday, August 22, 2010

What is Universal Design?

Accommodations for someone with a disability are designed to provide equal access to the material being taught. The more universal the design of our world, the less the need for specialized accommodations. For example, someone in a wheelchair can independently enter a room, locate the seat of choice, and work without additional assistance when doors automatically open and aisles are large enough to pass through. Instead of the old fashioned classroom desks, tables are available for everyone, including the person using a wheelchair. Another example is Closed Captioning which not only helps someone who is deaf but is beneficial to anyone who has a moderate hearing problem or just prefers visual learning to auditory lecture.

In a 21st Century Classroom, you should find the following Universal Design services:

Teacher's Computer Station
Internet Access
DVD Player
Video Tape Player
Elmo Overhead Projector
Large Screen
Amplifier/Microphone System
Closed Captioning

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