Sunday, July 25, 2010

Visual Learners

*Make up most of the population
*Prefer neat, organized work areas with clearly marked storage areas
*Like pictures, diagrams, charts, handouts
*Write things down as much as possible
*Look for notes on the board
*Use a board to write out problems
*Create lists of things to do
*Remember faces, but may forget names
*Close eyes and stare at the ceiling when trying to recall things
*Are detail people who tend to notice changes
*Prefer to be shown how to do something or prefer to read own directions
*Develop concept maps
*Use color coding
*Create own study guides

Visual learners like a clean room with everything in its place! If you are a visual learner, then an organized environment will help you learn. You like to read and reread your notes and materials. You should use colors, flashcards, or some sort of binder system. You likely know where everything belongs, and once things are in place, you are ready to study!

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