Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tips For Studying With Your Child

*make eye contact when working with your child
*ask questions to check recall and accuracy
*watch for signs of confusion
*give your child enough time to process what you just said
*have your child repeat the information back to you
*provide frequent breaks as needed to avoid frustration and exhaustion
*have your child write the information on a board standing up
*tape record the lesson on a digital recorder for your child to listen to or download to a computer or MP3 player
*breakdown the information into manageable steps
*connect the information to a toy, object, or picture that your child can see or touch
*do not let your child manipulate you into doing the work for him or her. Let your child write the work out or type it on the computer whenever possible.
*if your child is capable of reading or writing, then your child should be doing the reading/writing ...but use a tape recorder of you reading the material as a back up.
*if reading is labor intensive for your child, then you should read so he or she can listen.
*you may need to act as a “secretary” to jump start your child, but then turn the work over to him or her as soon as possible.

***The final step is to see if your child can verbalize the information without stumbling, especially after a significant time delay***

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