Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tactile/Kinesthetic Learners

*Love to exercise
*Prefer short study segments with lots of breaks
*Can be easily distracted
*Like trial and error when working out a solution
*Tend to take things apart to figure out a mechanical problem
*Tend to “feel” where they are going
*Like to learn using manipulatives
*Write lots of notes
*Remember best through “hands on” lessons

If you are a tactile/kinesthetic learner, you love to get your hands into the lesson. You should find an active way to learn the material. Have you ever considered studying aloud while you are kneading bread or whipping cream? How about repeating your topic of choice while running on a treadmill? Try learning with a game like basketball or ping pong. Answering questions as you toss a ball or swing a bat will connect the information to an active memory, and that specific detail and memory is what you will bring back during the test! The idea is to find an activity you enjoy and have fun while you learn!!

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